You can order our wonderful candles for Christmas to light on Christmas Eve, Christmas day and all through the holidays in honour of your beautiful Angel baby.

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100% of the money raised with our candles goes directly back into the packaging of our beautiful Angel Gown garments and Tutus.

Angel Gown Program

Our Mission

We are a community organisation of volunteers who hope to touch the hearts of everyone in Australia especially those who suffer the tragic loss of their baby.

From donated wedding gowns we lovingly hand craft Angel Gown garments which are then gifted to Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Hospitals all around Australia for babies who are born sleeping and grow their wings far too soon.

Through our Angel Gown Program we will work with many other bereavement services to help increase the awareness of pregnancy and infant loss through ’Breaking the silence’.

Our Vision

It is often difficult for people to understand when a baby dies, no matter how early or late in gestation the life of that baby has already been celebrated as a Mother and a Father, and then celebrated with family and friends, imprinted into our hearts and souls. When losing this tiny life there is so much grief and heartache, the same grief and heartache of any parent, of any family when a life is lost.

Each Angel Gown is made with so much love to honour the life of a baby taken far too soon. We hope to give each family who needs an Angel Gown just one moment of peace and beauty as they dress their baby to spend some precious time together before they have to say goodbye for the very last time.

Our Values

We have a commitment to excellence in the presentation and delivery of our Angel Gown garments. We believe each family who receives an Angel Gown should be presented with a gift for the life of their baby. A gift to help them in their most unimaginable time of grief and to know that hundreds of people in our Community care about them and care about their baby, honouring their baby’s life and sadly their baby’s death.

We will not compromise on the quality of our Angel Gown garments nor our pursuit of excellence in helping to ‘Break the Silence’ on pregnancy and infant loss.